30 maart 2011

30 March

Todat it was a study day for me, Like the next week. That's because next week I have examens. But now I have a little bit of time to post this on my blog! So when I'm not posting anything on a day, then you know what I'm doing. But I will try to post something every day!

Blazer from H&M
Top with a black bow from Primark
Jeans (destroyed by myself) from H&M
With Regal watch
Josh bracelet

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Hi, you said to me on fashiolista to see your blog, i only saw it today xD
    I'am follow your blog : )

  2. thank u alot!! im so glad u like it!! i love ur blog too. where you are from the netherlands? much love



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