22 maart 2011

Books with Tips and tricks

I do not read often. But the books I read are about fashion or fashion-related books. I realy like books with tips and trucs. The books I realy like, you can find here on the pictures. I realy like the Style book from Lauren Conrad. That's my favorite! In this book Lauren Conrad tells all sorts of tricks and tips about fashion, make-up to organize your closet and suitcase. The other 2 books are the Elle Stylebible and Yfke's model secrets (from model Yfke Sturm). In Yfke's model scerets she tells about here self and also a lot off tips and trucs. In this book is fashion a little part, the tips and tricks are going more about sports, food, self confidence and also about modeling and becoming a model. The Elle Stylebible is of course about fashion, the latest trends of Spring and Summer 2011. Below here you can find some pictures from the inside of the books.

Elle Stylebible

Yfke's model secrets

Style from Lauren Conrad

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  1. I have the LC book "Style" too, I like a lot, thansk for your comment on fashiolista, you have a great style.





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