31 maart 2011

Modemeisjes met een missie

Tonight is the first episode from Modemeisjes met een missie (translated into English; Fashiongirls on a mission)! It's a reallife soap about 3 girls with a mission. Tamara Elbaz is a businesswoman with a PR company and her mission is to be known worldwide with her business. (left on the picture) Maria Tailor wants to be an actress (right on the picture) and Josh Veldhuizen model and It-girl  launches her own fashion label Josh V.

The collection Josh V is by April 14 in stores. I realy like her collection. My personal favorite is the gold dress, but I really like the whole Josh V collection;).

Josh Veldhuizen with the gold dress from her collection!

 I definitely gonna look tonight! For the Dutchies, 22.00u on RTL5!

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