10 maart 2011

Normal Thursday

Today unfortunately I had to go to school. That's why I couldn't make many photos or post a message. So I have not really done a lot today. But fortunately I now have fabulous weekend, so enough time (next work ,Is that right to say it that way?) to keep you informed and take pictures. To celebrate my weekend I'm going out to diner with my boyfriend Jeroen. Here are a few pictures I still made my day.

I saw this limo driving past when I went home from school.
I really had to make picture of it. Isn't it a wonderful limo? I love the pink colour.

The jewelry I wore today

  1. Square earrings from Primark
  2. White Whatch form Regal
  3. Ring from Lucardi Jewelry
  4. Chain from H&M
  5. Bracelet with diamonds from JOSH
  6. Bracelet no brand (a gift from a friend)

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