31 maart 2011

Modemeisjes met een missie

Tonight is the first episode from Modemeisjes met een missie (translated into English; Fashiongirls on a mission)! It's a reallife soap about 3 girls with a mission. Tamara Elbaz is a businesswoman with a PR company and her mission is to be known worldwide with her business. (left on the picture) Maria Tailor wants to be an actress (right on the picture) and Josh Veldhuizen model and It-girl  launches her own fashion label Josh V.

The collection Josh V is by April 14 in stores. I realy like her collection. My personal favorite is the gold dress, but I really like the whole Josh V collection;).

Josh Veldhuizen with the gold dress from her collection!

 I definitely gonna look tonight! For the Dutchies, 22.00u on RTL5!

30 maart 2011

30 March

Todat it was a study day for me, Like the next week. That's because next week I have examens. But now I have a little bit of time to post this on my blog! So when I'm not posting anything on a day, then you know what I'm doing. But I will try to post something every day!

29 maart 2011

First interview

On the website Fashiolista I was addressed by the author from frommystyle2urs. She is introducing this whole week new fashion bloggers, and I was one of these new fashion bloggers. I felt very honored and I think it's such a good idea to networking with other blogs!
Kia from frommystyle2urs has such a nice style, really a must to visit her blog!!

You can find my fist interview HERE!!!!!

28 maart 2011

Spring look

Light blue nail polish from H&M
denim jacket from H&M
Blue top from Vero Moda
Trouser from Zara
Pumps from Primark

27 maart 2011

Mobile pictures!

Tuesday - after a shopping day.

Wednesday - The best noodles I've ever had at a small Indonesian Restaurant in Amsterdam.

Thursday - carpaccio sandwich on the terrace in Haarlem.

Saturday - We love colored nail polish.

Sunday - studying in the sun.

25 maart 2011

Funny picture

Sorry that I not posted yesterday, but I'm realy busy with school. I'm so stressed out of all projects and portfolios. And about 1 week I have also exams :(. But when I find this picture on my laptop I had to laugh really hard and I just forgot (for a second) all the schoolwork. It such a funny picture and that's why I wanted it to share with you all! I thinks this picture is form 2 years ago. It's with my friend Suzan, that you saw on the pictures at the post of Sunday.

I have "weekend" now, so I'm going to study. I wish you all a wonderful weekend! xxx

23 maart 2011

New in!

Yesterday I went shopping in Arnhem with my boyfriend. It was such nice weather, and for the first time you could go outside without a coat, lovely!! Only It was pity that when we sat on the terrace suddenly the sun was gone:-(. But yet it was a nice day! I've bought all sorts of things, but real spring and summer clothes, so now the good weather should continue;). Below here you can see what I bought!

  1. Demin jacket from H&M
  2. Pink top from Zara
  3. Black flats from shoe outlet
  4. Light blue nail polish from H&M
  5. Shirt with a ring from NewYorker
  6. Pink bikini from NewYorker

22 maart 2011

Books with Tips and tricks

I do not read often. But the books I read are about fashion or fashion-related books. I realy like books with tips and trucs. The books I realy like, you can find here on the pictures. I realy like the Style book from Lauren Conrad. That's my favorite! In this book Lauren Conrad tells all sorts of tricks and tips about fashion, make-up to organize your closet and suitcase. The other 2 books are the Elle Stylebible and Yfke's model secrets (from model Yfke Sturm). In Yfke's model scerets she tells about here self and also a lot off tips and trucs. In this book is fashion a little part, the tips and tricks are going more about sports, food, self confidence and also about modeling and becoming a model. The Elle Stylebible is of course about fashion, the latest trends of Spring and Summer 2011. Below here you can find some pictures from the inside of the books.

21 maart 2011

Lovely Sunday!

Yesterday it was very nice weather. Despite I had to do some schoolwork I could not resist going outdoor. It's finally spring!! Because of the nice weather yesterday I went to the hockey match from my boyfriend. It was so nice in the sun along the side of the field. When the match was over, me and my friend Suzan went to the woods to enjoy the nice weather. We laughed so hard all day. It was a perfect Sunday! Here are some pictures we made yesterday, unfortunately some are blurred. Sorry!

20 maart 2011

Are you a Fashiolista?

Do you know the website Fashiolista? Or are you already a fashiolista? For the people that don't know this site, you have to get an account;). I realy liked this website and it is also addictive. I will tell you how it works. When you have an account you can love clothes, shoes, bags and a lot of other things. Also you can find on the internet stuff that you like and put it on fashiolista. It's ultimately a kind of a page that describes your style and contains stuff that you like. Also you can follow people which you like the style or list. People can follow you too. I recommend every fashionista to be a fashiolista!!

If you would like to follow me, click here!

18 maart 2011

City trips!

paris 2007

I realy like to travel and I have a long list with city's and countries I would like to go (again). My number one city is without any doubts; Paris!! I have been there 3 times. The last time was in April 2007 with a schooltrip. That is almost 4 years ago, so to long;). I would love to go there again soon. The city that is on the top of my list to go to is offcourse; New york, followed by london! Below here you can see pictures from a couple city's where I have been. (There are also a few photos from a long time ago. When I was the little new girl in town!! ;-p)

17 maart 2011

New on my wishlist: Furla candy bag

When I saw this bag, I was immediately in love. It is such an original bag and I can't  really describe why I like this bag. This bag just screams to me; buy me!! buy me!! I like the clear (without a colour) Furla candy. It's now on my wishlist. They also have these bags in all different colors as you can see at the picture below here. You can find the Candy bag and other Furla bags at the Furla website. Unfortunately I only can find the colour candy bags on the internet so far. If I find a website or store where you can buy the transparent (without color) I let you know!!

This one is on my wishlist!!

Outfit Tuesday and Wednesday!

Here a few pictures of the outfits that I had on Tuesday and yesterday. I can not make many good photos, because of my camera works not very well. I already have a good camera (Canon) on my wish list ;). Also I have not so much time next week(s), because of the studie and upcoming exams. Ofcourse I will be posting everyday when I have some time. I always have some minutes for posting something nice. What would you like to see on my blog? let me know;).

Clockhouse faux fur jacket
Black blazer from h&m
White blouse from h&m
Esprit grey jeans
Bag from Primark
Ankle boots with wedge from Le Ballon

Black blazer from h&m
River Island top with a chain attached
black trouser from h&m
black ankle boots from shoe outlet
Silver bracelet (gift from a friend, brand unknown)
Clock ring from Sieradenkistje 
Feather earrings from Primark

16 maart 2011


This summer I'm going for the second time to Venice. I realy like it there! All the boats, small streets and houses along the water are so beautiful! And they have nice shops to;). I'm going in July, so it's probably really hot. The first time I got there, it was above 40 degrees. I'm going since 2 years again with my family and boyfriend, I wonder how that will be! What are your summer plans? Here are some pictures from 2 years ago in Venice.

With my mum and brother on the famous Ponte di Rialto

A very large cruise ship. I never saw such a large boat.

Me and my brother at Piazza San Marco

15 maart 2011

Thank you!

Wow I'm so proud, in almost 2 weeks time The New Girl In Town has over the 1.000 views. I know that's not much, but for a start-using blogger that's a lot (I think) and offcourse a wonderfull beginning. I wanna thank you guys for suporting me and visit my blog. I hope you continue doing this.

If you like my blog, you can follow me with a google account/with blogspot. You can also found me at bloglovin. Below this post you can find the widget which you can follow me on bloglovin. Also you can find this widget on the left side of my blog. You can follow there blogs easy and quickly and I can see how much people following me!

Thank you all a lot!! xx

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Trend: Stripes

This spring/summer the stripes are hot! Wide, narrow, vertical, diagonal, horizontal, everything is possible! Accordance with the Elle stylebible you should be wearing the stripes girly and stylish. What you do think about the stripes trend?
You look so good in stripes

You look so good in stripes van xlauraa2

Coral shoes, 80 GBP

14 maart 2011

First Video

This video me and my project members made for a schoolproject "Students in Motion". We had to make a flashmob in Amsterdam. The video that we made, is not realy a flashmob but just a normal video with a message. Also my project members and I all appear in the movie. I realy liked the result and I always smile when I watch te video. Also the music makes you happy. Our video was also nominated but unfortunately we did not win. But our video passed by in all the trams across Amsterdam and is still shown on television screens at School. I hope that this video makes you all happy!!
Have a nice and happy monday!!

13 maart 2011

New In

On my wishlist that I posted on 9 march you saw the clock ring and the Pearly Bow Earrings. You can see that I bought these 2. The Jewelry all come from the webshop Sieradenkistje . They have such nice things, I would like to have all items. Also the chains are so cute and nice. As you can see I could not resist buying more stuff. (See the picture)

  1. Nail polish wetlook pink (not from sieradenkistje)
  2. Pink flower ring

11 maart 2011

My addiction

Shoes are my favorite fashion item. Your shoes can do so much with your outfit. It can make your outfit complete or they give your outfit another twist. Today I was cleaning my room and then my shoe addiction confirmed. I just can't  have enough shoes. I can't throw shoes away, shoes that you do not often have on can be useful sometimes, or just fit by that one outfit. I often even buy shoes just because they are so beautiful, despite I can not often wear them. Besides shoes, I also have a bag addiction and I think I am beginning to be addicted to jackets. Which fashion item are you addicted to?

This is my shoe collection. Maybe it's to much, but I have never enough shoes ;)

10 maart 2011

Normal Thursday

Today unfortunately I had to go to school. That's why I couldn't make many photos or post a message. So I have not really done a lot today. But fortunately I now have fabulous weekend, so enough time (next work ,Is that right to say it that way?) to keep you informed and take pictures. To celebrate my weekend I'm going out to diner with my boyfriend Jeroen. Here are a few pictures I still made my day.

I saw this limo driving past when I went home from school.
I really had to make picture of it. Isn't it a wonderful limo? I love the pink colour.

The jewelry I wore today

  1. Square earrings from Primark
  2. White Whatch form Regal
  3. Ring from Lucardi Jewelry
  4. Chain from H&M
  5. Bracelet with diamonds from JOSH
  6. Bracelet no brand (a gift from a friend)

9 maart 2011


  1. Sieradenkistje Pearly Bow Earrings
  2. H&M light blue demin jeans shorts
  3. Asos Aviator Sunglasses
  4. Sieradenkistje Ring Clock
  5. Chanel nail polish yellow
  6. Ardenb Cambridge destroyed bootcut
  7. H&M White blouse
  8. Asos Electric blue pump

8 maart 2011

Outfit of the day!

Bershka Shirt
H&M Jeans (destroyed by my self)
Ankle boots from Shoe Outlet
JOSH bracelet
ILFN pink heart bracelet

7 maart 2011

Summer feelings!

I really want and need the summer! I'm a real summer person. My opinion is that everything is beter, nicer and beautiful in the summer.  The spring / summer clothes and collection is always slightly nicer than in autumn / winter. That's why I like the spring/summer collection more. Since March began, the sun is constantly shining here in The Netherlands. Winter depression is gone and that means there is an interesting period coming with lots of sun, sea, holidays, days on the beach with friends, terraces and beautiful pictures.  Here are some pictures with my great summer memories. Do you like the summer? And what are your favourite summer memories?

With a friend on the terrace in Amsterdam

This picture is made by my dad on holiday in Lugano (Italy)

Also this picture was taken by my dad on holiday in Lugano (Italy)

At Lago Maggiore (Italy)

Drinking a cocktail in Lloret de Mar (Spain)

at a beach club in Sunny Beach (Bulgaria)

partying in Sunny beach (bulgaria)


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