28 april 2011

New in!

The weather here in the Netherlands goes from really hot to cold and everthing whats in the middle. So it's really difficult what to wear. Today I shopped, and bought these items above here on the picture. It's for spring/summer and you also can wear it with a jacket or blazer for when it's a bit colder. See below for more details.

27 april 2011

Facebook page and Bloglovin'

Since a week a have made a facebook page for my blog. Here you can easily stay informed of new posts and news. Also you can follow me on bloglovin'. Here you can easily follow my blog and/or any other blogs that you like. So go and check out The New Girl In Town Facebook page and The New Girl In Town Bloglovin' page and follow;).

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20 april 2011

First Summer outfit

The weather today is/was so great. It's really spring and with the degrees from today (25 Celsius) and the rest of the week you can say its almost summer. The shorts may be out of the closet now;). Today I had a day off from school, so I have sitting all day in the sun!! Here is the outfit I wore today!

Top from H&M
Short (bought in spain)
Sunglasses from H&M

19 april 2011


This outfit is almost the same as my summer outfit from my last post.
(Kate Bosworth, Coachelle 2011)

I really like this haircut and color. I'm thinking of cutting it like this, what do you think?
(Hilary duff)

This outfit from lily donaldson looks also a little bit the same as my summer outfit from yesterday!

I love destroyed jeans!

17 april 2011

Mobile pictures

Wednesday - made sandwiches

Thursday - Munt tea at Cafe Noir in Amsterdam


Sunday - Organized my closet

15 april 2011

My Room

Today I cleaned and organized my room. My room is one of my favorite places. I can really unwind and relax in my room. Here are some pictures of my room (a kind of tour).

13 april 2011

Wishlist for Spring/Summer

Ray-Ban Sunglasses €129,-
All Star Canvas Ox EUR 69,50, Converse - NELLY.COM
Converse All-stars €69.50

Pink and green trouser from Zara €29,95

My brand €69,95

10 april 2011


It is such a nice weather! Spring is really here now. I can't wait till the summer begins.
My exams are over, so today I can relax and doing nothing. I only have to wait for the results, but I think that I've done the exams pretty good. Here are some pictures of my spring outfit today.
Have a nice sunday!!

7 april 2011


I'm so happy because I passed for the two exams that I had so far this week. Hope and fingers crossed for me tomorrow for the last one and then I can celebrate my weekend. With partys and Birthdays. Here are some pictures of my outfit today!
Have a nice day!!

6 april 2011

Balmain spring/summer 2011

I really like Balmain! It's my favorite brand and there looks really inspire me. My favorite Balmain pieces are as always the jackets en the demin shorts. The pieces are very cool but also classic and that's why I like it. In September of 2010 was fashionshow spring/summer 2011. Here are some of my favorite looks of the spring/summer 2011 fashionshow.

5 april 2011

Random pictures

I'm still studying! I will be so glad when this week is over. Here are some random pictures from my laptop. Some with nice and good memories and some I just wanted to share with you. Enjoy!!;)

4 april 2011


Today I had my first exam and I think it went well. Now I need to wait till tomorrow, then the answers will be announced. So hope and fingers crossed for me!!
Have a nice Monday!!

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White shirt from Bershka
Jeans from H&M
Bracelet (gift from a friend)
Ring from Sieradenkistje
Earrings from Sieradenkistje

1 april 2011

Shoes, shoes and shoes

Exclusive Lee EUR 49,95, Nelly  Shoes - NELLY.COM

Yesterday I found this webshop Nelly.com . They have a lot of nice clothes, bags and shoes. Especially the shoes are amazing! They have so much awesome shoes and not expensive at all. My personal favorite and which is now on my wishlist are the shoes above here on the picture. More personal favorites you can find below here;).


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